Friday, October 8, 2010

What bed time?!

So, my child has been refusing to sleep for us lately. We have to go in a few times to tell her to stop rolling over or to shh & go to bed. She still refuses. Monkey hates being on her tummy she cries instantly (well after a few). She has been ending up in bed and asleep around 10pm (YIKES) & no she doesn't sleep any later either. If daddy is home from work she sleeps until 930am the latest and if I am the only she gets up between 530-7am usually. NOT FUNNY. So we need to keep up with her schedule, her and daddy have a routine :)

Any who, I've been missing home lately (a lot) I miss my sister mostly and of course my mom. I just want to go get some good food with them. We're hoping to go home in November even IF we don't go to Italy.. And noooo I have no clue if we're leaving yet or not. Hurrry up & wait, right? Jake doesn't know what "Go get your clearance done" means either. & He still needs a follow up tummy appointment. Blah.

Well.. I am going to get Emmalyn to go back asleep for a few more hours, then it'll be time to get ready for some lunch with our daddy monkey. If only these puppies would move so I can lay down.

Have a great day :)

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