Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Horrible Blogger.

So sorry it's been awhile!

I'm constantly busy, Emmalyn keeps me on my feet all the time. I'm either telling her no, kissing head forehead, or pulling her away from the TV stand. She'll be 8 months old in just a week! I cannot believe how fast time is going by. In just a *few* short months we'll be celebrating her first birthday with our families *hopefully*.

We didn't get to celebrate Turkey Day with them because Jake got his assignment to Italy canceled. What a SAD day that was. We were out when he checked his E-mail and I was almost in tears in front of everyone. We found out it was because of his PT test. So we aren't allowed to move for another 3 1/2 months.

Yesterday he came home and with a piece of paper, I had first thought we're taking leave but NO we're PCSing in June (June 30th is our report date!) ... OH! We're going to ENGLAND, yes ENGLAND! I try not get my hopes up because well... This IS the military I'm talking about. But who says I still can't be excited. We'll be 70 miles out from London, yes just a short 70 miles. We already have friends there.

Well.. That's all for now :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

SO sorry.

So, I am a horrible blogger. I'm sorry. I've been very busy or just to lazy. More busy though. Well we aren't going to Italy (thank you Air Force). We're staying right here in Minot, North Dakota. Jake got a special piece of paper for failing a PT test sooo we're aren't going.

Any who, tomorrow we're going to a friends Halloween Partayyy. Emmalyn will be her Butterfly, Jake is Superman, and I am going to be Juno. We were going to be Taayyy Swift and Joe Jonas but nope. I am so excited to spend some time with my "extended" family. I love them!

Monkey is growing to such a big girl. I love her so much every day. She isn't crawling and hates scooting but she LOVES her walker!

Well I am going to relax with Jake and face book. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

What bed time?!

So, my child has been refusing to sleep for us lately. We have to go in a few times to tell her to stop rolling over or to shh & go to bed. She still refuses. Monkey hates being on her tummy she cries instantly (well after a few). She has been ending up in bed and asleep around 10pm (YIKES) & no she doesn't sleep any later either. If daddy is home from work she sleeps until 930am the latest and if I am the only she gets up between 530-7am usually. NOT FUNNY. So we need to keep up with her schedule, her and daddy have a routine :)

Any who, I've been missing home lately (a lot) I miss my sister mostly and of course my mom. I just want to go get some good food with them. We're hoping to go home in November even IF we don't go to Italy.. And noooo I have no clue if we're leaving yet or not. Hurrry up & wait, right? Jake doesn't know what "Go get your clearance done" means either. & He still needs a follow up tummy appointment. Blah.

Well.. I am going to get Emmalyn to go back asleep for a few more hours, then it'll be time to get ready for some lunch with our daddy monkey. If only these puppies would move so I can lay down.

Have a great day :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New start.

So I decided to make a new public blog. I really don't care if people don't like what I say or write. I need a place to vent where people aren't going to jump down my throat. I need a place where I can write things that happen in our lives.

Any who, we have just been really busy with taking care of Daddy and his appointments. Work takes up his whole life though (duh!). They put him on nights, so this is why I'm posting at 138am. He'll be home in 7 hours.. Maybe! I get lonely at nights, Emmalyn and the Pups are sleeping. Other then taking care of Jake and such we haven't had anything fun happen in our life. Besides just spending time with our dear friends. We may not even go to Italy any more with Jakes issue, and my lovely back problems. So who knows what's in store for us. I just know God has a plan for us. Even if Jake gets discharged (which is far far away as of right now) God will open up another door for us. We picked a city Jake would like to do police work for, he ended up choosing Atlanta. I'd love to live in the South (warm weather of course). Jake is a country boy at heart as well. As long as we find a good Suburb I'm fine. I'm good with anything BUT Michigan. What's there for us? Our families, who love to vacation to us (well at least my mom lol).

Well... I'm going to go and try and sleep it's now 143. UGH!